Upgrade DH
Upgrade DH: Upgrading the Performance of District Heating Networks in Europe

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Final Upgrade DH Project Report is available
Press Release - District Heating: an important contributor to support the energy transition in the heating sector
29.09.2021 District Heating: an important contributor to support the energy transition in the heating sector
09.07.2021 Check the brochure "District heating and cooling - a modern solution to traditional challenges"
09.07.2021 Join German expert knowlede sharing workshop on 18.08.2021
02.07.2021 Join the Final Upgrade DH Conference on 15 September 2021
29.06.2021 Energy transition - Lithuania sets records in speed and scope
14.06.2021 Video on solar thermal energy in district heating
26.05.2021 Join the Virtual Power Plant Tour and Webinar on Efficient and Renewable Heat Networks on 16.06.2021
27.04.2021 Press release - UpgradeDH recommendations to support national District Heating & Cooling Action Plans
07.04.2021 Tuzla joins #DHCities in the campaign We are all connected
12.02.2021 Join the webinar Retrofitting DHC - How to develop a successful action plan, 23.02.2021
14.01.2021 Webinar: Retrofitting with renewable energies - finding the right mix, 26.01.2021
30.10.2020 Online Upgrade DH Workshop on 12.11.2020 alongside the KeepWarm final event
30.10.2020 Photo competition Meet the ones who keep you warm! in the framework of the #DHCitizen campaign
02.10.2020 Digital Event: The Future of district heating in Italy
EU project UpgradeDH launches campaign: Become a #DHCitizen!
3.07.2019 New handbook on upgrading district heating grids in Europe published
27.05.2020 Webinar on upgrading heat distribution and piping technologies
29.04.2020: A series of public thematic webinars by UpgradeDH partners
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About Upgrade DH

The Upgrade DH project aims to improve the performance of district heating networks in Europe by supporting selected demonstration cases for upgrading, which can be replicated in Europe.

More specifically, the objectives of the Upgrade DH project are:

  • To initiate the DH upgrading process (retrofitting approaches) for eight district heating systems (heat generation, heat distribution, and heat use) up to the investment stage. The upgrading process includes efficiency measures, the integration of renewable energies, and the sector coupling. The level of decision making reached in the upgrading processes of each demo case will be carefully monitored.
  • To save, by initiating the eight demo cases, more than 190 GWh/a primary energy and of 77,000 t CO2equiv. GHG emissions.
  • To increase the share of waste/residual heat (currently 7 % in the demo cases) by more than 6 % and the share of renewable heat (currently 28 % in the demo cases) by more than 20 % in the eight demo cases and beyond.
  • To replicate the proposed upgrading solutions across Europe through multiplication associations that are consortium partners as well as through the European Innovation and Technology Platforms (ETIPs).
  • To develop regional / national action plans for the retrofitting of district heating networks by including the results of the retrofitting approaches.


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