Upgrade DH
Upgrade DH: Nadogradnja perfomansi sistema daljinskog grijanja u Evropi
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Upgrade DH publikacije i izvještaji

Godina Jezik Autor(i) Vrsta Naslov (preuzimanje)
2018 bosanskiCosette Khawaja,
Dominik Rutz
FlyerUpgrade DH Flyer
2018bosanskiCosette Khawaja,
Dominik Rutz
PosterUpgrade DH Poster
2018EnglishCosette Khawaja,
Dominik Rutz

Report on the Upgrade DH website

2018EnglishSebastian Grimm et alDeliverableBest practice examples on upgrading projects
2018EnglishCarlo Winterscheid et alDeliverableBest practice instruments and tools for diagnosing and retrofitting of district heating networks
2018EnglishCarlo Winterscheid et alDeliverableTemplate for the global assessment of the district heating system 
2019EnglishTobias Roth et alDeliverableUpgrading the performance of district heating networks: Best practice examples on upgrading projects
2019BosnianDominik Rutz et al.DeliverablePriručnik: Nadogradnja i unapređenje perfomansi sistema daljinskog grijanja - Tehnički i netehnički pristupi
2019EnglishCarlo Winterscheid et al.DeliverableSummary Report: Assessment and diagnosis of district heating networks - Experiences from different European demonstration cases
2019EnglishBorna Dorasic et al.DeliverableGuideline on business models and financing schemes for retrofitting DH networks
2020 EnglishStefano Morgiore et al.Deliverable Impacts and Action Plan of Upgrade DH Solutions
2020EnglishBorna Doracic et al.DeliverableSummary on business models and initiating investments for upgrading district heating

Povezane publikacije i izvještaji

Godina Jezik Autor(i) Vrsta Naslov (preuzimanje)

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