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Upgrade DH: Upgrading the Performance of District Heating Networks in Europe
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30.10.2020 Photo competition Meet the ones who keep you warm! in the framework of the #DHCitizen campaign

It is time to promote the people involved in DHC and the faces behind! We are launching a photo contest:

- To participate, please submit a photo of an employee on-site, who is proud of doing his/her job.

- Accompany this photo with a few words about the person: name, organisation, occupation, etc.

- We will share this on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) with the hashtag #DHCitizen.

- By end of February 2021, we will count the likes for each post.

- The person, who gets the most likes, will be featured in an article on the Euroheat & Power website and will receive an online ticket for our next Congress “Forward Together.”

More information about the competition